The Adorned Woman: Copper Rope

Copper Rope is the second rope edition to The Adorned Woman Collection. This piece was created almost entirely by hand from a selection of bespoke cord & specialist metallic embroidery threads.

Copper Rope relates directly to the phenomenon that is the patination of metal: a process that is mysterious, continuous & forever evolving. Patination in metal occurs naturally, however Aimee has utilised chemical patination as a method of achieving instant & spontaneous results. The specialist copper threads have been treated with chemicals to allow a radical change in the colour & texture of the material, transforming them from their original appearance. The copper threads have then been stitched onto large wooden beads & combined with thick sailor’s rope to create an adornment that is changeable & playful.

Dimensions: Approx 120 x 120cm

Garments: Produced in collaboration with Vibeke Kaae

Photography: Stacey Hatfield