Ceremonial Tassels

A collection of Ceremonial Tassels inspired by British Military Dress Uniform seen at Gieves & Hawkes, worn to communicate rank & authority during traditional ceremonial events.

The tassels are an exaggerated & abstract interpretation of military embellishment, re-appropriating techniques such as cord work embroidery & re-working the characteristics of rope aiguillettes & ceremonial headdress.

This collection explores how adornments & uniforms are worn to elevate the wearer to a high ranking position & create a display of pomp & power.

Techniques such as square knotting & leather braiding were applied to bring the various elements & materials together.

This collection was developed specifically for the 'Made of Mayfair' final showcase, curated by The New Craftsmen & launched during London Craft Week 2015.

Dimensions: Approx 120 x 30cm

For purchase enquiries & commissions please email: yelena@thenewcraftsmen.com