Colour Wheel Mirror

Exclusive to The New Craftsmen, the Colour Wheel Mirror is a series of hand braided brass framed mirrors by Studio Aimee Betts, in collaboration with framers & art conservationists John Jones.

Colour Wheels combine brass metal frames, which have a unique Jax finish developed by John Jones product designers, with an ombre blend textile cord created by Aimee Betts on a circular knitting machine, in a colour palette inspired by the diverse metal finishes & process of patination realised at the John Jones workshop.

Dimensions: Large: 160cm diameter. Small: 80cm diameter

Material: Brass metal frames, with coloured cords made from ceramic coated polyester thread.

The mirrors come in two sizes, & can also be commissioned in new sizes, finishes & colour palettes.

For bespoke enquiries & commissions please email: yelena@thenewcraftsmen.com